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Over the years, I’ve tried to instill some sense of volunteerism and community service in the kids.

We’ve volunteered at the shelter – washing and walking puppies and dogs, socializing kitties. We’ve baked cookies and brownies for fundraising bake sales. We’ve stood outside a certain national retailer and panhandled for donations.

When choosing organizations to work with, I always try to find something the kids will be interested in. So I was totally excited when I found the local organization highlighted below:

Girls Rock NC is a nonprofit organization that runs programs that encourage girls to be confident, creative members of their communities. Girls make bands, have workshops in teamwork, body confidence, zine-making, DIY clothing, recording, Tech Talk, songwriting and more, and are supported as they speak up and share their experiences as girls. We’re part of the international Girls Rock Camp Alliance, helping each other stay true to our mission–empowering girls! Close to 1,500 girls around the globe will have the rock camp experience this coming summer– this is a true feminist movement that you can be a part of!

At a concert on July 19, we watched these girls rock out on stage while we sold t-shirts and bumper stickers to their screaming fans. What a rush! As the mother of three girls, I want my girls to have the confidence to express themselves whether it be through music, art, written or spoken word. And that’s what these girls are learning… to be themselves, to respect themselves. The whole experience moved me.

So, when I found out they were having a grown up version – Women’s Rock Retreat – I had to sign up! In just a few hours I’m heading out to meet the other campers, and I’m stoked!

A big thanks to my wonderful hubby who staying home the kids and mutts all weekend allowing me to do this. I love you.


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